Monday, June 7, 2010

rubik cube

life as i know it's like the rubik cube i played,
try as best to solved the puzzle, its like you can never solved it.
but try as hard and as quickly as i can soon it will be solved,
life takes time to heal pain,
life also take time to heal sorrows,
sometime, it's hard to look at the rubik cube as a toy,
it take's brains to figure it out,
and complete the rubik cube.

when i stop solving the puzzle in my mind, i get caught up
i get torn apart,
life as i know it vanish in thin air,
cry as hard and loud as i can, but no one will come to my aid,
only god at my side, to keep me in a straight line
i paused my life, just to keep it intact
so i wont ask anything from anyone to come to my aid,
i believe that life wont wait for anything,
and you yourself have to put all your afford to make it good.

i have learn a lot from experience and self thought
that sooner or later you have to change in odder to make used of your life
and strive to greatness and i want to say thanks to that
if you learn from pain each day since your 7 years of age
than you know how hard it is to achieve what i have achieve today
i'm not blaming anyone just me my self
after all of the sorrows and pain that my heart takes
finally i found the path and the courage to move on
to search for that light that once gone in my life
the joy and excitement that have vanish this pass few years
but whatever it is you have to make the first move and take the first leap in your life
if you fallen down hard you get up harder
that is what people say but its hard for me
to make the first leap but somehow i found it