Monday, May 5, 2014

Sound of it

Sometime i would just free my mind and hear the sound of the world as it wolud give me some direction to what my life would be if i didnt have any eyes~

The sound we all heard it
Rushing trough our soul like the sound of a humming bird
Once it came to me in a dark pitch black without any light it came
The sound~
In a dark cold night it come
Giving me the hunger to hear it more and more
I would just lay here in this beautiful sound
Its a wonderfull feeling it makes me feel
Without this sound i would be lost
Lost in a empty space whithout it
Rest assure my sound would be heard without any light
To calm u down or even make u fight
Trough it all
Its just a simple sound
So rest my dear nor even lay a while
I think its just a simple sound.

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