Thursday, October 4, 2012

Touch your dream

Someone told me that you can't touch love but you only feel love..I'm living in this world full of hope and dream but can I touch the dream? Can I? If I can touch it I think the world is ending soon because you can only live your dream not touch it..I live in this world hoping for the best and achieve the highest things in life.. I often wonder is there is still hope for me? Is there hope in living out my dream? I think without dream people will live in a gray area in their life's..not to judged other people but its a fact that once u have achieve your dream you have overcome all the obstacle in your live insya'Allah god will guide you in the right path and send you a better days than now..I always have great respect for those who have already live their dreams and I envy them because I can get the dream that I always dream off, in my envy ness there is proud also in them because they have overcome their fear and obstacle to get what they want.. I hope that someday I can get the same things that they have achieve and more..I also hope that one fine day me dream of traveling all over the world come true and I hope GOD will guide me in the right path so that I can overcome my fear and obstacle to archive greatness in life.

Once you set your mind at something insya'Allah he will see your effort and grant you with with what you wish for..I hope God see my effort and grant me my dream insya'Allah..everything's that is bad always come from me and all the good things always come from HIM, and I will never forget where I come from and what have I overcome may Allah led me to a better tomorrow insya'Allah..

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